A new brand of walking shoes in the shop: Chiruca

Last week we have included a new brand in our range, the brand Chiruca. This Spanish brand uses the most technologically advanced materials to ensure that the activities you undertake can be done with maximum comfort and lots of fun.

Also new to us is the so-called BOA system. With this system you have a kind of dial on your shoe with which you can tighten or loosen your shoe. This instead of a set of laces (or Velcro). A nice and handy system that allows you to quickly loosen your shoelaces while walking without having to tie again if your feet are just too tight or when you are done you can quickly take off the shoes. Very convenient to use!

The other materials like Gore - Tex and Vibram are well known by now and are almost standard with a good walking shoe. In addition to serving as a walking shoe, Chiruca also makes these shoes for hunting. This is also reflected in the design, but whether you go hiking, hiking or hunting the need for a dry foot, stability etc. stay!

At the moment we have included 2 shoes with a BOA system and a shoe with a lacing system. All three shoes look good and have everything to walk away with and go out again.

I would say take a quick look at the shoes from Chiruca myself and if you still need shoes I can definitely recommend these!

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