Sleep well in this Blackroom tent from Huksy

There's nothing better than a well-spent day, you can go for a brisk walk in the mountains, or the woods, or you'll have with your family to a hearty bike ride, created by beautiful surroundings, and culminating in a real-kampeermaaltijd you 1-burner stove Bushcraft or Highlander or your 2-burner stove on electricity, a wonderful night's sleep after an intensive but wonderful day in a tent that is very easy to set up and is also equipped with a blackroom, that is to say a tent that has a blackout property so that you – even if it is still light – can go to sleep. We have this place now!

Husky has in the demand for a tent that keeps the light outside provided with model Beasy. Available from us in 3 and 4 person version. Ideal if you want a little more space in your tent or if you are out with several people.

Let's face it, after a lovely intensive day of holiday, you want a tent that is built up in a few seconds and where you don't have to stand with all kinds of sticks in a fabric tube, sticks that get stuck halfway and where setting up only causes frustration. You want a tent that can stand in front of you in just a few seconds! So you can get involved in other important matters, relax and have a nice snack, enjoying the view you have chosen! You flip the tent, you push the system, and it's up! Just arrange the canvas, stretch some lines and put some tent pins in the ground and your overnight spot is ready! Storage with this system also saves a lot of time.

Granted, in your backpack you want to save weight, so for backpacking this tent is less suitable with its weight of about 4.9 kilos for the 3 person and 5.5 kilos for the 4 Person tent. But, in Ease of Use and for touring by car or a fixed place as a base, this tent is ideal! For every type of camper we now have a tent in our range.

The setup system surprised me, it looks a bit like setting up a camp bed for your baby or toddler, the same system, different purpose. Practical and fast. You got me on!

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