Advenate new brand and new backpacks in the range

Today we have added a new brand to our range: Advenate.

A cool new brand that stands for adventure, innovation and nature. All things that fit well with all the people of CheapOutdoor. 

We currently have a number of backpacks we are busy getting them online so we can start selling. In addition to having the backpacks in my hands and looking at them, where you can immediately see that this is nice quality, we also started reading and placing them online. There you can read about all the features that these backpacks have to offer. Here you really buy a complete backpack that you can use in so many situations. Very useful to these backpacks is the possibility to make a piece of space or to remove it as a separate storage bag. This can be done in 2 steps, so you can actually get away with a backpack in most situations. You will have to see which model and size best suits the activities you do a lot, but with these backpacks you only need one instead of all those separate backpacks for each activity. 

And now to list all the options of the bags....well, what I find very useful is of course the possibility to use a water bag with an opening for your water hose, a key clip, a separate compartment for sunglasses, for example. And so we can continue for a while. Also very nice and useful is the ErgoVent system with which you have good ventilation on your back. By using foam and the well-known mesh on the back ensures Advenate for a good flow of air between your back and the backpack. In short, very cool backpacks, and certainly the price is a lot higher than most backpacks, but yes whether you have to buy three for every activity you undertake or one that can be taken anywhere and with so many options.....

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