7 new Husky sleeping mats in the store

This week we have 7 new sleeping mats from Husky added to the store. In order to offer our customers the widest possible range of Husky's beautiful sleeping mats, we have expanded the category of sleeping mats a bit.

Sleeping mats between 2.5 and 5 cm with a good R-value but which are also suitable to take with you in your backpack. With some models we are always surprised to see that there is a complete sleeping mat in such a compact bag. And yes we also understand that a sleeping mat in such a small bag will probably sleep less comfortably than the sleeping bag that is in a larger bag. But I have to be honest that if you do a multi-day hike, the weight in your backpack is also very important and then I would still choose the most compact sleeping mat possible and then really give something of comfort for it. In the end, of course, this remains a personal thing for everyone.

Maybe add a new sleeping mat for your upcoming adventures? Outlook herealso for our sleeping bags.

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