Do you like to walk, but do you always suffer from blisters? Then this Merino Anti-pressure wool is for you!

Merino Anti-pressure wool make sure to avoid pressure sores and blisters. You take a piece of the wool and put it, for example, between your toes. When you put your shoes on, you won't be bothered by anything anymore.

You can use this wool for a lot, for example to prevent blisters, against bruises, painful heels and nails, but also to get warmer feet.

But how do you actually use it? It's very easy. You take a piece of the wool, the amount depends on the place where you want to use it. For your big toe, forefoot or heels, you need a little more than for your nails or a blister, for example. If you have grabbed a piece, do it in the place where you suffer from pressure or blisters. After a few seconds, the wool will have taken the shape of your foot and you can safely walk through the mountains without pain. You will not notice that you have wool in your shoes.

It is useful to know that you can not wash this wool, because then the wool becomes stiff and there is less pressure relief. The wool will then no longer work properly and sit comfortably.

Try this wool out for yourself now, you can buy here.

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