Finally back on the road! And what does your vacation look like after corona?

We see light again at the end of the tunnel. Slowly but surely more countries are opening up again and people are making plans to go on the road again. Last year we managed to get through it by supplying people with shoes and cycling clothing that could be used mainly at home and in the neighborhood. All other articles, with one exception, were a little quiet. With the coming relaxations coming and more and more countries around us opening up again, we have confidence in the future!

Hopefully there will be a lot of people going out into nature this summer. For this we started our webshop back then and we hope that we can provide many people with the right accessories to have a nice holiday in nature.

Are you thinking about your next adventure yet? Have you checked your equipment to see what else you're missing? All the maintenance that is needed carried out?

Then we can go back to the places we missed so much in nature where we can enjoy all the peace and beautiful places!

If you miss something in your assortment, look further in our shop to replenish everything!

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