A walk in the corona, a period of time

This past weekend we were with the children in a circle on bikes, and in the meantime, a few can be considered as get in and around Woerden. And, yes, it was real, the places in which we are often to be found in the open grassy areas with walking paths, beautiful hiking, parks, beaches, and even a lot of bike lanes everywhere, did you find them at the “walkers”.

It was, really, a lot of people have been walking and struck with a piece of grazing land in between Woerden and in Kamerik you looked before, you almost never have someone walk in, and now it was almost a queue of people that the farmer's field saw.

Also, I like the real outdoors, people, of course, on the type of shoes that people wore to go out. A lot of shoes, in white is an attractive color, but not for an outdoor stroll.....and the traditional shoes. But, luckily, we saw a lot of people who are well prepared on the trail with the boots on.

In our home we have regular discussions with our children, then we are going to be on the lookout for a place where we have never been a great place to go to enjoy the beautiful nature and, of course, to each other. “Put on your walking shoes, and we're going to have a half-an-hour away,” is what I call home. And you will be taken to the location, and your eldest daughter, known as the “old” shoes are picked up, but I have a big piece of crap which is a little deeper than she thought it would be made with the beige shoes have a direct, almost black. A few weeks later, the A had with another pair of shoes from her, and that's just a little walk with wet feet to me.....Well, he was still a bit put on your walking shoes.

Ok, I get it, the boots will not be the most fashionable shoes in order to walk away, but when you actually go out on the town to enjoy the nature, you just have to be able to walk without the fear of wet feet. Cold feet is to prevent you as an extra pair of socks or a good set of hiking socks. And with wet feet you can avoid a hiking boot that is made for this, it is. (Most of the commonly Goretex or GTX membrane.

We use it for our hiking trips and a higher walking shoes , because we are frequently up to the ankles in the mud you are, what you do with a low shoe, really don't want to.....it sucks that you have shoes for walking, and you know you have 5 miles to walk to the car.....no, you do it with high walking shoes for these excursions.

To take a walk on the “normal” paved paths that go great with a low hiking boot, which is, of course, we are also almost on a daily basis to do so.

If you don't have to buy an extra set of walking shoes, and go enjoy the nature!

BaggerWelke schoenen

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