The new website is CheapOutdoor online

And, yes, at last we can show you where we have been (to say the least, almost 1.5 years) have been involved in the preparation process. We had to have our old area is abandoned and a newer version to choose from in order to make sure that everything is in a safe environment to run. And for that, we will have support and updates for security flaws.

With a little bit of a transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10. A lot more possibilities and options in order to you as the customer better and be able to operate and help you to make the right choices when you place your order.

The move itself went a little faster than planned, but now that it's quieter is because all of the measures taken, especially not being able to, and partly allowed to travel to us, however, is a bit of a disappointment, it is now a good to move. The next time we have a lot of articles with some information about the products and clothing for more information about the fit, and the sizepacks in order to advance, well you can see what size you need, according to the manufacturer's instructions. This is not something that we want to enter the number of returns on the clothes down, and consequently, you, as a customer, to be able to help you.

We hope that the layout will be even easier to surf the internet, and if you're anything at what does not at all run out of steam let us know so that we can solve the problem. E-Mail us at

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