Lovely warm cardigans and sweaters for a cold summer evening

And there we had another box of new collection for the summer. I don't know how it is with you, but the real spring feeling is a bit long in coming, it still remains cold or fresh and also regular rain instead of the Sun that you would like to see. And then you now get the delicious fresh colors for the summer in your hands…

Fortunately, we also ordered some warm items for the colder summer evenings, the beautiful cardigans for women from Ivanhoe of Sweden sleeveless in blue and with sleeves in lime and orange. Also for the men we have received beautiful cardigans such as the beautiful silver Morel Hood that we already know from the winter collection. And it's very tasty, I can tell you. Wonderfully warm when you are cold and when you are comfortable at home and warm on the couch, he can go out for the next day.

And also the last one, I don't want to remember you, the Ivanhoe NLS Elm natural white half zip. I know White is not the best color for us Outdoor people, but even on a normal occasion you can look great and still radiate a little outdoor. That is certainly possible with this sweater from Ivanhoe. Super cool about this sweater is that it is undyed wool, so actually completely pure nature and environmentally friendly, without dyes or chemicals.

Check here Ivanhoe's new addition for next summer.

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