Sleep mat and R-value

Which sleeping mat suits you? What do the R-values mean?


And then we brought in some new stuff. Of course, we are debited for that ourselves, because yes, we order all those things ourselves. Still, it's kind of a surprise every time we open the boxes that come in. We are also just curious what the things we have in mind look like in real life. For example, this week we got new sleeping mats. Last time we were already amazed at sleeping mats that you can store the size of a rain suit and as light as a feather. This time we got a bigger package. A small 4 kilos of sleeping mat, but then you have an extra large one, in width or so it is understood. A 2-person self-inflating sleeping mat from the Hannah brand. The range of sleeping mats increases with the season. And so we hope to have something for everyone in the House.