School bag

Dogs school bags as an addition to our range of products


Our oldest daughter will be going to a mid-year and at the high school, and they will also be looking for a good backpack to get to the corner, because then you'll definitely need it when you have to go to secondary school. In our time, it was in a laptop is not required at the high school, but now it is no more an essential part of the society and also in high school, they are not required.

Highlander backpack Slide to the 20 litre capacity is in use


The school year has begun, and most of the parents will probably recognize that will for the children, not for a long long time, a backpack will do. As well as our children. The bags will be everywhere to bring up, if you ask they usually have a place to hang. They have to because of the weather and the wind, which is go to school, so I have some time.