Review Husky Keiry wandelbroek for men

After all of the years, in my wandelbroeken Bear Grylls by Craghoppers walking (and more!), it was time to get a new one wandelbroek to buy it. Here and there in the fabric of my oh-so-nice Bear Grylls pants a little thinner, but that it may be well, however, after 8 years of heavy use. As we wandelbroeken, of course, in the gym, it was a natural choice for one of them to choose from for you to try out.

I chose to play for the Huskies Keiry M (where M stands for the fact that it was a pair of pants for men that matter) in a size s the color is green. Personally, I think it is a really cool color.

As soon as the pants are straight out of the box, so that the material used is of high quality. The pants feel soft and supple. Which is exactly what you want when you have outdoor activities. The inside of the fabric is “brushed” which makes it soft to the touch and not have to sand down your legs. The used fabric is really perfect.

I opted for a size xs, and it's just right. My draagmaat to blue jeans is to waist-33 in, length 34 in. The trousers feature a zip and a tie and a belt at the waist. It has 1 pocket on the back that is closed with a velcro fastener at the front, 2 side pockets with zipper closing, and a 1-steekzak the rechterbovenbeen, which also has a zip to close. I have a nice detail is that, at the bottom of the pants to the legs with velcro adjustment, which makes the pants around your ankles tighter, you can make it. I will probably not have a lot of use out of it, but I can't imagine that it can be adjusted to your leg to the bottom, can be useful in certain circumstances. A walk in the woods, or a walk where a lot of mosquitoes or other pests, for example.

This weekend, I took the test and went to him, when I'm with my family, due to the changes went, you can enjoy nature. And yes, I'm very happy with it! The pants is good and comfortable. For pants, I'm also not too light in color, especially of the variety, with dark green in the pockets and the pants are sturdy, and not at all boring. This is a wandelbroekbroek that I actually used every day throughout the day, " it would be like to have one, but unfortunately, that is not possible. I think this is Keiry M Husky my favorite outdoorbroek all the time!

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