Ivanhoe Retro-Hang Loose ski jumper – back in time

"Retro stands for recourse to products and designs from the past when designing or launching a new product.”. That's what Wikipedia says about Retro and that's always nice to see. Especially when you get a little older, these kinds of things start to catch your eye: “Hey, I know that from years ago”. And that has Ivanhoe now also thought of when making this special collection.

The best-selling ski jumpers from the 80s have been implemented as a Retro collection and will now be delivered in 2022. They are now in the warehouse, but if you get them in after you have only seen them as a picture when ordering, it is still very bad leuk....de bright color red and the retro stripes across the chest on the sweaters and then realize that this was then one of the best selling sweater with skiing in Sweden.

Outlook here for your new retro ski sweater.

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