Unwind in the summer holidays: 10 tips for the ultimate relaxation

Finally summer vacation a moment of peace to de-stress and not have the hectic pace of everyday life. Who doesn't know it, especially with a big family like us....spread bread early in the morning for 4 kids, Walk The Dog, Eat Yourself, kids go to school, to work. Pick up Kids again, who play there, who go to the hockey, who go to the basketball, somewhere in between still eat, girls to the majorette etc etc....before you know it, the week has flown by again. We also enjoy the handbrake for a few weeks.

But how do you make sure that you really unwind and get the most out of your summer vacation?

We have collected a few tips and would like to share them with you for the upcoming summer holidays.

1. Let go and enjoy

One of the most important things is to let go and enjoy. Give yourself the space to let go of the things of everyday life for a moment and take the space to really relax and enjoy the little things. Whether you are going on a long, cool trip or staying at home. Vacation is the time to relax and recharge yourself

2. Plan ahead but stay flexible

Too many plans can still be stressful, so try not to stick to your plans too much and also keep room for spontaneous things. Just do the things you feel like doing at the times you feel like it and don't wait until there's a spot in your calendar for it. That agenda is full again after your vacation.

3. Digital detox

Well, you may or may not have seen it coming, but many people don't realize the stress of all those messages, emails and social media. Just consider turning off your notifications, making your screen time a lot less, this will help you really relax and unwind in your vacation.

4. Connect with nature

This is a tip that I always find very nice to unwind. Enjoy nature, see your kids enjoy and romp in the forest or on the beach and therefore not have to think about the routine of daily affairs. Enjoy all the beautiful nature that the Netherlands has to offer, but also all the countries where you still want to go on holiday.

5. Do what you love

This time is perfect for picking up the hobbies you have. These are the perfect things to counter your thoughts and reduce stress.

6. Create a soothing routine

Start your day with a quiet breakfast and enjoy the wonderful new Morning. In the evening, take the time to read quietly or take a walk. A daily routine, even if it is a lot calmer than usual, can very well help you to get a wonderfully relaxed feeling.

7. Pamper yourself

Give yourself some extra luxury during your holiday. This does not always have to be expensive. Just think of a delicious ice cream after that beautiful walk. Or a wonderful day at the spa or sauna if the weather is a little less pleasant. Or grab a movie with delicious snacks. Or have food delivered so you don't have to cook once. But take care of yourself!

8. Spend time with your loved ones

Spending time with family and friends can greatly contribute to your sense of happiness and relaxation. Plan a picnic, organize a BBQ or enjoy a cozy game night together. The social connections are important for your well-being and can help you relax more and feel even happier.

9. Eating healthy and getting enough exercise

Although the holiday is usually equal to Good Food and drinks, it is important to find a good balance. Eating healthy and exercising regularly contributes to your overall well-being. Make delicious healthy meals, drink plenty of water and make time for fun activitiesin such as walking, cycling or swimming.

10. Be mindful

Well, now it's starting to get a little floaty I thought when I read this tip, but you have a truth in it. For me it would mean a few minutes in a day not thinking about anything and just enjoying the peace and quiet around you. Our plan is to go to Norway, so I think of sitting on a camping chair in front of a beautiful lake or a beautiful waterfall and just enjoying the moment. If you do that regularly for a few days, you will really calm down.

Hopefully you will benefit from these tips or maybe one or two, but the most important thing is to relax and enjoy all the moments in your holiday so that you can return to your daily life with full batteries.

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