On an adventure to Norway – CheapOutdoor with the Landrover Defender

Summer is also getting closer and because we and the children are still stuck on the summer holidays, it was time to think about this again. In recent years, we first had a renovation at home in the summer and the following year we wanted to set aside money for our own Landrover Defender. A car that we fit in with the whole family more easily than our current car and a car that our whole family has so many nice memories of. The savings went through the two wars a little differently than planned, that is also the risk with our own business, so now we had decided to start the adventure again before next summer and then put our own Defender on the longer ride.

Next year we plan to visit Norway. This time no trouble with corona measures so that saves a lot of hassle again. Because the North Cape was not successful last time, that was the first plan, but driving up with four children in two weeks and then back via Norway is still a bit too much of a good thing. So we're just going to take it easy and go through what we're all going to come out of this year.

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