New Husky collection – preview 2024

Of course, we are always one of the first to be able to view the new collection from the manufacturers. That's always fun. Also this year we have the new collection of Husky a new book for 2024.

Much of Husky is known and trusted, but a whole new range of products will also be presented at this brand next year. Almost all sleeping bags get a new look, super nice to see, and also nice to be able to clean according to the year with the old models.

But we are not going to reveal what that will look like yet, that will come next year.

However, it is very nice to touch on the new sleeping mats that are already being rolled out. Last week we put 5 new sleeping mats online, both self-inflatable sleeping mats and inflatable sleeping mats. The well-known materials have been used again to let you sleep well, but new is for example the Fromy that is suitable for 2 people. We had only seen that with Hannah before.

And the Fumy which has a separate section for your head, and the Flary where a separate piece is also made for your head. All nice and compact sleeping mats that you can easily take with you to go backpacking. Outlook here for the latest sleeping mats.

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