New design: all Husky sleeping bags are renewed with a new design

After years of selling the Husky sleeping bags it's time for some news the manufacturer will have thought. We had already seen a lot of things last year at the presentation of the new collection, but now the delivery of these begins and we come across the new sleeping bags again.

Husky has been running the toppers for years and occasionally presented a new model of sleeping bag that was again just different from all the sleeping bags they had. But now the whole collection is being addressed at once. All models are put in a new jacket or new design just as you want to call it.

Previously, all sleeping bags had different designs now Husky switches to a different approach and all sleeping bags get the same look, a basic color with an accent color by which you recognize the sleeping bag. Very nice to see when you see all the sleeping bags next to each other. Soon you will recognize a Husky sleeping bag from afar. Also very easy if you have, for example, a women's and a men's sleeping bag, you completely fit together due to the basic color, but still it can not miss to pack your own sleeping bag.

For anyone who wants to buy an ' old ' model sleeping bag, you have to be quick because all sleeping bags are renewed and once the new one is delivered, the old stock is made up and only the new version is produced afterwards. But don't worry either because the quality of the sleeping bags has not deteriorated so it's just the design and yes while sleeping you only enjoy the quality of the Husky sleeping bags and you don't see the design anyway, because if it's good then your eyes are still closed.....

Check here the new sleeping bags.

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