New collection Ivanhoe indoor, nice new colors, Ipsum in all kinds of colors and NLS

New colors, new styles.

The latest collection of Ivanhoe brings a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe with a range of new colors, perfectly matching this season. Vibrant shades that make your outfit stand out but also subtle tones for a timeless look. There is something for every taste.

We light the Ipsum hat off, because there is a wide range of colors added And we have them all! Whether you go hiking, shopping or sit by a campfire, the Ipsum ensures that you don't get cold in any situation. Just buy two so you can alternate in color. It is a versatile beanie, unisex in size so both suitable for men and women!

And if you have landed on the page of Ivanhoe, take a look at the NLS line of Ivanhoe. This line stands for New level of Sustainability. A clothing and accessories line that focuses on natural shades, because no dyes, chemicals or water are used in the composition of the color. 100% wool, 100% natural, 100% eco-friendly.

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