Husky new sleeping mats-separate shapes - and a double sleeping mat

Sleeping well is very important, especially if you are in nature and enjoying the outdoors. The now well-known brand Husky know this too and have raised the bar even higher with their latest collection of sleeping mats. With their innovative designs and advanced technologies, the Flary, Finy, Fromy (for 2 people!) and Fumy you an unparalleled sleeping experience during your trip.

Of course we let you know what is so special about these sleeping mats, here comes our explanation:

The Flary: a real game changer. Thanks to its unique design, this sleeping mat adapts to the shape of your body. Perfect for optimal comfort. Are you a side, back or belly sleeper? The Flary is suitable for all types. And because you inflate this sleeping mat yourself, you can easily adjust the firmness to your personal preference.

The Finy: designed for the active adventurer. Need we say more? Lightweight, durable and easy to roll up. Perfect for backpackers and campers who like to be on the go. And self-inflatable, so you only need to inflate a little air yourself to get the mat to your desired hardness.

The Fromy: for couples who like to go out together. This sleeping mat offers enough space for two people. The comfort of home, even when you sleep under the stars! The mat fits easily into a double tent.  

The Fumy: resistant to the most extreme conditions. Made of high quality materials and designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions. This sleeping mat provides insulation and support in the most demanding situations. In addition, this inflatable mat is also very light in weight. Ideal, then.

In short, with this new collection of sleeping mats from Husky you no longer have any excuses to go into an uncomfortable night outdoors. For every type of adventurer, Husky has something to offer. Prepare well and enjoy a well-deserved night's sleep on a Husky sleeping mat.

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