It's Monday again ...

For some inexplicable reason, ok, maybe not entirely inexplicable, but still, it's always trouble shoot day on Monday at CheapOutdoor.

Packages that have been lost, or incorrectly delivered.

Customers who receive "wrong" items. No, I ordered a green one but I got a blue one...strange because I have an order here for a blue one. (Where did this go wrong?! How do we solve this as quickly and efficiently as possible?!)

When do you expect this and this product? Only then? But I need it for next week! Can't you mean something?

I would like a return label for my order because it is not what I am looking for.

What happened? Why are these products not online?

Addresses that do not match according to the system of our warehouse (why? Can we not assume that a customer knows where he or she lives?)

Monday seems to be the day when all the problems accumulate and then come out with all of them in one day. Like, “Hey, here we are....good luck today!"On Monday it seems to be the day that you have to be extra on to solve everything. Because yes, satisfaction, I really think that's super important! So I want to solve the problems that have arisen as soon as possible for everyone. And unfortunately, unfortunately, that is not always the case! Annoying for me, but even more annoying for the customer who usually suffers the most from this. Máár, as I said: customer satisfaction is extremely important to me, so if there is ever something going on in any area, know that we at CheapOutdoor are doing our utmost to get everything back on track. Because in the end we want you as a customer to be able to experience a wonderful carefree holiday or outdoor activity!

So, that had to come out.

Happy Monday everyone!

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