Loefler addition

New cycling clothing!


And that's a good thing, because the weather is getting a little better. Thankfully. That drizzly, muddy, inclement weather we are done with at some point. I have to confess to my regret that I haven't touched my own racing bike for half a year. And that makes me sad. The fact that a box of new cycling clothing arrives this week makes me really want to go out again. Now the last few months have not been really inviting for that and normally I do not let myself be deterred by a downpour or a little wind, but yes, sometimes life goes differently than expected and you are just really busy so that if you have a little time left, you have to make choices in what you are going to do. Unfortunately, the bike stopped. Anyway, new cycling clothes!

Loeffler addition wielrenshirts


As of the end of the summer season is approaching, we have a number of additions made to the brand of Loeffler. This season, we have several people excited to see this brand, and this is why we have before the cold is going to be a number of t-shirts it purchased.