Winter collection drops in for 2022/2023: Ivanhoe and Loeffler

Now a well-known story, but it remains nice to get the collection you selected last year back. Slowly it drips in from the collections of Ivanhoe of Sweden and also of Loeffler.

So we stand with this warmth between the scarves, hats and warm wool sweaters to do our job by putting everything online for sale. But we are going to face the cold weather again, so we must be prepared. 

At Loeffler we already have a number of Bibs for the winter, very cool is the dark blue version that we ordered. It's a bit different from the black pants we usually wear. We also ordered long pants for the ladies to stay warm in the colder moments and to be able to continue cycling. And in addition to the pants, a few new tops have also come in in New fresh colors that will keep you warm again with the colder months that are coming again. Outlook here the New Loeffler collection. 

At Ivanhoe we also received beautiful new sweaters. I was very curious about the NLS collection. This involves mixing naturally available shades to create a range of natural colors without the use of dyes, chemicals or water. This results in an authentic product 100% natural and environmentally friendly. I also ordered one of these for myself so I could wear it myself in the coming months. The sweater is a bit heavier than most sweaters, but this is certainly not strange with a wool product. Furthermore, you can see the natural color immediately, is something different from a bright green, blue or red sweater, but the idea behind it certainly appeals to me. Do not mess too much with the materials and use the wool as pure nature as possible. Next winter, enjoy it when it gets cold. Outlook here fast forward to the new collection of Ivanhoe of Sweden for next winter.

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