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So, with the temperatures in the last couple of weeks, you have not thought about this before, but we will be having a number of hats, scarves, and handwarmers in your hands, at a temperature of between about 25 degrees and you need to be in cold conditions, start thinking.

As we did last year, a lot of customers that They have the hats, scarves, and handwarmers bought this year have chosen to do this to be able to provide. Last year, we had, in the course of the year, no sales, and that's no fun!

This year, we have a lot of (which is a pun intended, hahaha on the hand-knitted clothing collection, scarves, handwarmers, and headbands in the range of from She. A variety of attractive colours, with the well-known Scandinavian design. A gift of accessories, you have a lovely winter ahead of it.

In addition to these series, we have also made the caps out of the series, Nix, and Windy weather are included in the collection. Two nice warm hats, where the Galleria is also provided with a liner, and a windbreaker for even more comfort and convenience.

Check out here the brand new collection for the upcoming winter.

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