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Cheap Outdoor, A peek behind the curtain

Elmi Snoeck (Cheap Outdoor

In “a peek behind the curtain”, we are in discussion with companies with a particular product as well as the success of a company. Piece by piece, they have a variety of products, and an off-beat story, with one thing in common: The e-fulfilment from their shop, they have to be outsourced to eWarehousing. This week, we are going to be in a conversation with Elmi Snoeck, owner of the Cheap Outdoor -, a shop for all kinds of outdoor and holiday products.

Can you please introduce yourself? (who the hell are you and what are you doing?)

“I am, Elmi and I am in 2013, my own online shop Cheap Outdoor to start. I will run the business and have contact with our customers, suppliers and business partners. It's everyone else that is related to Cheap Outdoor. I'm happy not to be completely on my own, and my husband did the work.”

What does the Cheap Outdoor -, exactly? what kind of products have you sold?

“Ha-ha, you can better ask what I don't sell. We've got everything you need to get it out is to pull it. Tents, water (hydration packs), wandelbroeken, shoes, t-shirts, sleeping bags, wool garment, and so on. If you want you can join us for this event.”

What is the reason for starting with the Cheap Outdoor? (What's the story?)

“For two years, before I get started, I'm up to 2 times, my job is lost. With 3 kids, it was not easy to get a part-time job. That's why I do some "administrative" things are going to do it, and I have a rugged phone from China, imported it and sold it. That phone turned out to be, unfortunately, is not as robust as advertised, lol. So, we went in search of something new. After the birth of my third child, I went with my husband, backpacking in the uk. Because we've never done it, I had everything to buy, which turned out to be a fortune in fees. Then, later on, with friends and family who were traveling, we found out that it was so expensive and we thought that it might be cheaper to could. It was then that the Cheap Outdoor -, and was born. We have started using the products from China to import the file, but after a while, you will see that the store is traction, and you will be approached by suppliers, and agencies from the united kingdom. At that point, I switched to the europe-suppliers, and in the meantime, there are barely any Chinese product available in the shop.”

Why do people opt for a Cheap the Outdoor?

“We only sell good quality products at a fair price. That is what we are doing to the outdoor, are available to all. The customers have a good experience and given a personal touch. No question is too crazy, and we will take care of all the time. We had recently a client who was in camp, and then there was a horse in her fly will go where it broke. She asked me if it was a new rain fly to be able to provide. After some research, we found out that this is not possible or simply too expensive, it would have been. I have a further enquiry made and I came up with a kledingmaker that it would be able to make it for a fraction of the price. That is a tip I have given to it, and there it was, ultimately, a very good option. I even got a e-mail from her that she is in the service, as well as well-liked, that the next time I will be back. I think that's good to hear, and it is a service that you don't get everywhere.”

What is Cheap Outdoor -, for?

"We want to be outdoors and in the countryside to make it accessible to everyone. There should be no barriers to human nature and experience no financial challenges. Anyone have a walk through the polder can be hossen in the wilderness for a trek to do so

For anyone who is Cheap for Outdoor?

"For those who love the outdoors, it is actually the people."

When it came to the point where you realize that you have your logistics should be outsourced?

“When I first started out, I had a couple of small boxes in an ikea wardrobe for all the phone calls. this was extended to a box in a closet, that closet became a room, then there was a landing on. It was also in the room were built up to be, and that's when we thought of it, it is not possible any longer. We need to find a different solution. Then, we asked ourselves, what are we to do about it. Moving to a house with a big shed or a garage? But you still have to get all of the logistics yourself, do so. If you spend the entire day with the acceptance of orders and, in addition, I had to take care of the children and for 5 hours at the post office to send it out. At times, I was at least 2 times a day, at the post office. I was only concerned with the transmission of the packets in the long run.”

How did you come up with eWarehousing in touch with it?

“At the moment I have all of the articles more than once-could be in the house, I'm going to google it and I came up with originally ended up at a party in the House. Here it was, all agreed, but the day before we drove them they came to find out that all of my stuff, apparently, did not fit in with their robots. "I'm suddenly a lot more expensive than the one originally agreed upon. eWarehousing then rose to the top of the list. When I called, I got someone on the phone who said that they were immediately able to enjoy it as well. Dawn (the owner) came out right away just to see if it is possible. After a couple of minutes for the room to have seen it and said, Um, “That's what we can do”. Within 2 weeks, everything was out of the house, and for the link to the shop is created. On Monday morning, I got all of the products and they will be delivered on the same day, they had all been categorised and the orders of the day looks like, know how to shoot!“

What do you think are the main advantages of working with a eWarehousing?

“From the time I was working with eWarehousing, I had so much time left that I have for my website and was able to improve and much, much more able to focus on the purchase of our products and services. I now have a much more strategic look at what we're going to do it. It is because I have so much time left I can make my day a lot better layout and I will have more time for my kids. I can handle the day to day running of the business is now much better to manage it. We were also able to finally get some time on a vacation. I have so much peace in my mind, because I know that everything will still be here. Personally, I was able to but 2 hours to take an order, at the eWarehousing can be done until 22: 00, the following day, on the sidewalk. If I earn more, too!”

What do you do with all the time that you don't need? Where is the focus?

“Now, I've finally had the time to learn my business and to work in a position in my company. The focus is much more on the product and / or improve my website. In addition, I now have a lot more time with my children, which, of course, very, very, very nice!”

What are your ambitions with the Cheap Outdoor?

“The plan is to eventually not have to do it alone, and that my husband, in case it comes up. I will eventually also be outsourced, such as customer service, for example. We will probably purchase are never outsourced. New products are always in the house, because we don't want to test. We really, really want to feel what it is, it is the quality of the experience. So, do you feel with your product and your customers will eventually be better informed. We want to be of a bond with the product and it is 100% guaranteed to be able to say that we have the products and want to use it out there.”

It has COVID-19 had a significant impact on a business from the Comforts of Outdoor?

“Basically, I sell holiday equipment and, since there are very few people in nature have gone on I have noticed a problem. But we COVID all of the other choices had to be made within the range which makes the hit a little less hard, a few times. The sales are a little less, but it is fortunately not a devastating blow. For instance, I'm a little more sport to add, for example, to wielrenbroeken, and wool clothing. These decisions have, in hindsight worked out very well. The holiday equipment would be hard, but the shoes and the wandelbroeken have made it very, very well done. We do, however, have a lot of bags sold by on the action Because We have to Carry. This action of the sleeping bags for the refugees in It. Nevertheless, it is good that we are on the way to a good cause, were able to participate.”

Do you have any tips for other webshophouders?

“When you're little and you're working from your bedroom, as soon as possible, and the choice of fulfillment which will enable you to grow faster and do the things that you have a business then you will become. “

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