Dogs, tents and extended with two new models

We have tentenassortiment, in turn, further extended. This is because a lot of people are very happy with the tents of the Dogs, and we are very pleased with the quality and price of this product. For each group, and the type of activity, and they have a nice tent. Or, you know, three or four men to go out or be alone with the two of us, for everything can be a good way to find out.

Also, a car with a weight in your back pack or on a tent at the campsite, you'll come to a Husky, beautiful tents against it. They have made us to be added to the Husky Sawaj, Pull out the 2 - light weight tent - 2 person – Green, this is a very good, lightweight tent for a 1500 grams, that is, for a 2-person tent is really quite good. You have to take into account that you, yourself, are a walking-stick with it, take it, because that is what you need to as the stick, as in the well-known teepee tent. Or you will have a chance to dare to take a stick at. I would like to say a quick to set up, and you have a shelter for the night, so be ready to relax and enjoy yourself for all of who have to walk for miles. A real technical tent for the hiker who is the light to travel.

The Husky Boyard 4-Plus - light weight tent - 4-person – Green, on the other hand, it is a tent for 4 people, it is so big, we were still no, not really, but if the demand is there, we would like to include in this number as well. And, in my case, the larger of the tents, as they are a bit of a divide on the number of individuals in the pack were very, very nice in the evening. This tent can accommodate up to 4 people and also has the ability to two sides of another material, such as with the backpacks are good to dry, to be able to keep up. With a weight of 4,400 grams, it is not much if you divide it, that's fine to do it with 4 people. You'll be on the two men, but the other two are a bit more food to them. Here you have a column of 4000 is more than enough for normal use and then just sit back for a while.

See here for the tents of the Dogs. You will also need to take a look at the video on the tents, and there you will see a really good example of how the tent actually looks as if he's extracted, and it is.

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