Now is also the headlamps of the Dogs is in the range of

As of today, we are also in our range of head torches from the Dogs included. Because we have Dogs for many years now, know of our sleeping bags, packs and tents, which we already have a lot of customers are very happy with because of the great price / quality ratio, we have now also extended to the headlamps. In the past, we got a lot of our head torches out of the far east, which would have any potential guarantee issues, etc can sometimes be a bit tricky it was. Also, there is a lot of used “white boxes”, it was not open to all of our clients are valued, so we are slowly moving to some of our trusted brands.

The quality of these lights, as we've come to expect from Husky, with a wonderful quality, and due to the use of a simple AA battery, you can take the lamp to burn for an extra set of batteries in your bag they take up very little place in space. And, as we have often stated, we are a big fan of headlamps because you will certainly be on trips, in the dark, with your hands at the same time, which you will be able to help you stay afloat, or, what is also very convenient to take the card, take a look and have your hands free.

Take a look here soon, what color is the one that best suits you!

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