It's time! The summer holidays are here!

With us, the summer holidays this year are all about rebuilding and a puppy in the house, so a big trek with our beloved Land Rover Defender is not in it, unfortunately.

That doesn't stop us from enjoying our free time, of course.

The Netherlands is also a gem and there is plenty to do for the active outdoorsman.

So we walked a barefoot path the other day. In our case it was more of a barefoot path because it was of course warm and dry for a while, so the mud and grass were a bit dry, so to speak. Barefoot on gravel, boulders, grass, brownie-like mud, sand and much more, an experience for your feet (and your pain threshold in our case). To be honest, afterwards it felt a bit like you had a good foot massage and that's nice, right?

There are many of these trails in the Netherlands, you just have to Google them and they will appear on your screen.

We have a family with children, so we went out to have an afternoon of fun in a nature playground. Also highly recommended! Hiding places, trees to climb over, hills, water (always a success!), you name it!

For us, holidays also mean geocaching. We have been doing this for 9 years now with great pleasure.

We would say, take off your hiking pants and hiking shoes come and discover!

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