Highlander-new requires week ends, and have a great midlayer Hirta

This past week, we have a new inventory of the Highlander from the united states, with two of the new items that we would like to share with you. The new week ends with rain jackets for both women and men, and the midlayer Hirta in the gift of the blue color is like a more tactical version in army green.

The rain jackets we had, of course, the famous Stow-and-Go requires that there are so many stores to be sold, we have decided to make another trench coat to offer you. That's why we have chosen it for the week ends. Ok, it's not a Stow-and-Go, which is super small, and yeah the price is a bit higher, but I'll definitely have more for you. With the Stow-and-Go remained in the jacket is waterproof to 6,000 MVP, but when the week ends, remains of the jack up to 20,000 MVP to attack. With this jacket you can check out more of them on in poor weather conditions.

You will also feel that the jacket is a little heavier than the Stow-and-Go, but the quality is also quite a bit higher. A lovely hood with a storm flap has been added, and from personal experience, I can tell you that the rain is wonderful. I've been in Scotland several times, I, of course, what everyone is expected to rain (which it generally does with it is during the day). Especially if you're in the mountains, walking with a bit of wind, it protects you in a good hood with a storm flap you'll glance at the wind and the rain.

For the ladies, it is a twin shape, so you may want to look good, and that you are in the right order, and then, the storm is coming!

And we're going to go back to the Hirta Hybrid. Bring a coat and intermediate coat at a time. I had the ad from the manufacturer coming along and thought, " right, so we have to have it. And yes, as we've come to expect from Highlander, great quality, beautiful instruments, (such as in the textile industry call it) that allows for both breathability and a great warmth. The midlayer has a great, active fit, so you can be comfortable in and can move in, because that's where we want to be buitenmensen, of course, be only too happy to make use of them. This midlayer is as a middle layer to use it (so a tank top underneath and a jacket over it), as well as in the not-too-cold periods, such as jacket/coat, jacket. The shell fabric adds a wind-proofing and durability of the Hirta Hybrid.

In the blue version you've got is a pretty orange/red, like the use of contrasting color, which has a number of emphases on the pocket, shirt pocket, etc. it makes for a great combination. If you're more of a tactical means, we have the army green and the store where you will be able to have a tag in the arm to the post.

Come and have a look to this new awesome items!

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