Gaiters or not?

Gaiters or not. That is a question that we sometimes hear. Hence, we will present a small item to devote to it. It is always a choice as to whether they should or should not take. Everyone wants his bag to always be as light as possible. Especially if you for several days in the mountains and still have water to drinking and cooking.

We already have a number of overnight trips made by the Scottish Cairngorms are to the discovered that you a lot of benefit from it. To an article which always.

There is nothing so annoying as in you walking shoes get their feet wet by the snow or through tall, wet grass. The gaiters protect your lower legs against moisture from the outside. Certainly the first pieces for you to the mountains, went were with us and the group that we took always the gaiters on.

early Morning when you on the fields even the fog saw hang and you get out of your tent came directly the gaiters omgebonden. There you could tell right away that the grass is indeed, especially if it is something higher was your pants pretty wet could make which often resulted in moisture in your shoes. By the use of gaiters is to prevent this. Useful additional advantage is that your lower legs, also a sort of stay warm and what is certainly in the mountains, also very tasty.

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