Frendo the brand for hiking, trekking and Bivouac back in stock

In recent years, we have seen many brands come and some go. There are brands that you have less trouble with when they go, but with others it's just as bad if you have good sales with the brand. Also at Frendo, the backpacks and walking sticks they supply are of a good quality and we have sold a lot of them in the past.

We are therefore happy to inform you that this brand will be included in our stock again.

The brand that has remained faithful to its founder since 1946. The passion, accuracy and innovation of this legendary climber Edouard Frendo was the driving force to found and build this brand. But also to leave his name on the Spur Frendo on the north side of the Aiguille du Midi and at the Mont Frendo in Greenland. After all these years, Frendo is an important player in France, but certainly also internationally for hiking, trekking and Bivouac.

The mission to ensure that the practice of this leisure activity remains a pleasure for the users. By implementing improvements and innovation, the products are constantly being further developed. Take a quick look for the new articles of Frendo.

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