Footgel – ” Walk – Feel-Live " gel insoles now in the shop

Last week I put a new brand in the webshop and of course I got to look at it myself and this time also smell it. When we opened the box, all the delicious smells met us. A nice addition in our range that can help you have even more fun and enjoy everything you experience on your trip, or just for everyday use without the complaints of a lot of walking or hiking.

Company Footgel originated in 1980 with the production of technical elements for shoes. Over the years, this Spanish company has evolved into the well-known gel soles that they now sell. The gel soles have been tested by the Institute of biomechanics of the University of Valencie, with which you have solid and well-tested insoles. The damping design is patented, this architecture allows to reduce the pressure when walking or running on the joints (feet, knees, hips and loins) and neutralize shocks.

The insoles have a high level of comfort and maximum cushioning, in addition to breathability, they are adaptable to any type of footwear. In summer, you can even wear them without socks. They are also very fine for foul odors, which the sole neutralizes. And it is easy that they can be washed by hand or machine.

The production line of Footgel is made in such a way that the production is ecologically free of Co2 emissions.

We have a number of models in stock that suit outdoor life and Sports Outdoors. Outlook here furthermore, for all models and nice smells.

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