Defcon 100 liter backpack / duffle bag now with many extra storage compartments

Practical, that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this travel bag/backpack/duffle bag. What more do you want? A large compartment to fill and in addition a number of smaller compartments to store your stuff separately. What is the ideal way to store your socks and underwear separately instead of looking with your head in your bag for these loose lying items? At least, that's what happens to me when I take my backpack. You put them on the left side of the pants and find them somewhere at the bottom, in the back or in between which means that you first empty half of your backpack to get to that one pair of socks you need. Yes, I know there are also loose bags for that, but there you can hear it already, they are loose!

These compartments are attached to the bag and that makes them always to be found, the only thing you have to do is remember which box you have put something in. I think we found a welcome addition here in the travel bags. I would like to take it with me on a trip, but not that just 2 years ago I took the Highlander Storm Kitbag in use and I am very satisfied with that, although I have to look for loose socks and other items ...maybe also look at loose garment bags where you can store things like that.…

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