Covid-19 and day-to-day lives

In this very special time with the Covid-19 what's going around, we really are a little bit on a daily basis.

There are people out there who have loved-ones to let go. There are people out there who work from home can work, but there are also people who are a little bit harder to walk away. With each other, we try and make the best of it.

I have this new hobby, to be picked up. Ride a bike! A Hard cycling... well as good as you can, because I'm a first-timer on ;-) It helps me to keep my head in the druktes and bustle of the day to empty it. Enjoy!

If you decide to make such a sport of pick up, you will notice the benefits of functional apparel. That we are now able to offer it in the store. No, I didn't have any clothes of our own product range, but if I can spend a little more time with the bike, I will do so, in order to have a good personal image to be able to view the items that we have recently been selling. We were advised to have the bib short made in our product range, as of today, these are also available on the brand Löffler! The more the better.

In any case, it's just like a real sport touring – " we're the real out of people, and have been very happy with the stay as much as possible” rule, it is converted to “avoid the crowds” – good for their mental and physical well-being. Because the hustle and bustle of avoiding it, that is, for us, is not all that difficult. We are looking for like the paths in which someone else does not get to at all.

This coming weekend is easter Sunday, and is the perfect opportunity to avoid the crowds and get on with each other, or are only out and about. Don't forget your water, not pull out a sturdy pair of shoes and go. We want to wish you all a lot of fun, in any case.

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