And then, when everything was different.

And then, when everything was different.

What it was like to be a normal work week, and after one broadcast tv all around the corona virus is a total conversion.

We have been blessed with 4 children in the home is very nice, but it is required to stay at home, and from home, taking classes or just be a little of a challenge. So far, it's actually quite good, in terms of working from home for the children. Our youngest is not at school, I would say, however, this month you are going to get used to it because next month is 4 years of age), and would of course also like to get involved with the school. For all of the children in a school situation is created for the nearly 4-year-old, and a notebook so that they can get to work.

So far, all is well, but oh my god, what is it difficult to be your own work, and to do it with 4 children at home and in the audience of your main questions, and not being able to come out or to hang with their Parent. In addition, we try to be about the structure of the school is to hold, it is important for them, but it is less effective in my own work.

Fortunately, we have the sending of purchase orders is contracted out to a 3 forthe e - party, and this can be done, as always, excellent. (A little hikje after last week, because of our stock and has the action to take in response to the directives of the GOVERNMENT.) However, the administrative portion of the contact, and that's one of those things that we are normally undisturbed and be able to do so, we are currently a bit slower and less effective.

Fortunately, the limits are set for the same goods from the rest of the world (for now), and it's great, because it means that our hall is now full of boxes of new stock. This stock will be in this week to get our camp established, where the contact is handed over to the warehouse.

All in all, a very transition for everyone in the community. We will be there with the best of them. Very proud of our staff in the care sector, with supermarkets, child care, and not to mention all the drivers who have to make sure that all the orders are now done online, but but in front of the door and issued, are tireless!

From thuiswerksituatie, good luck to all!

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