Brütting great new walking shoes, and the Municipal

We Brütting started, we had the shoe been on the mind's eye. A, B, C, walking shoe for a price of around € 100,-. We have been several times in the new shoes to be bought and walk away, we see a lot of this type of footwear as it provides for a river or small pond is fine, can walk, and don't be afraid to wet their feet. Please note that due to the fact that the water is not higher than the upper edge of the shoes you are wearing, because then you're not going to prevent your wet feet are going to get it.

In Scotland we have also experienced the passing of a somewhat larger river we were by the rocks change as the water was too deep to walk through. So it is with a back pack on over 25 pounds on your back, quietly, shifting from one side to the other of stone. On the other side arrived to be clear to everyone is that you ought to make sure that you are not the shoes you are wearing are too deep in the water and had to turn it off, and I get that there's not one look, one foot is not a good place, and in addition then on to the stone, got to his feet, and then you have wet feet.

But for now let's go back to the Tasman. We have been in the Tasman, is a affordable shoe is found that is able to do what we do with our shoes is like. A Comfortex klimaatmembraan has been used in order to make sure that the shoe is waterproof. The shoe comes with a Vibram outer sole which provides optimum grip, comfort and convenience. In this version, the black area completely all around the shoe and runs to ensure that the shoes are a bit on the hike in and the first couple of inches of water or mud is no problem for the moment.

And the shoes walk great, and it will not let you down at all, you buitenavonturen. A quality hiking boot for a great price!!!

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