Barska Floatmaster “sink or swim”

When you go out with binoculars you never have to worry that it can end up in the water, when you go out on the water this becomes a different story.

There Barska has a new line binocularsthe so-called Floatmasters. With these binoculars, you don't have to be afraid if they fall into the water, they just stay afloat. The viewers are compact, lightweight and completely waterproof, the perfect combination for the water.

The rubberized robust housing provides a lot of grip. And of course not to forget the color yellow, very striking, but if you want to look far on the water that is no problem. And if it really falls into the water, you can quickly find it again with this bright color.

We have 2 versions of the Barska Floatmaster in stock, the 10x30 WP and the 7x50 WP. Outlook herefurther for more info about these floating binoculars.

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