Backpacks for everyday use from Husky

In addition to the backpacks with which we go on adventure and vacation, many people also use daily backpacks. Because we already have several of these bags in our range, such as the’ school bags ' from Huksy such as the Husky, and The Husky Promise and the business backpack Slander, which we sell well because of the handy size and many storage options, we have also found something to complement in the new collection at Huksy. 

This time they are the Husky backpack Crewtor and the Husky backpack Campus. Both in 3 different colors, because the eye also wants something and because we all have different tastes, multiple colors are always fun in the store. In the pictures they were already beautiful backpacks to see, but if you have them in your hands now they are just ‘cool’. Maybe an outdated expression when I hear our children say these days, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I got the backpacks. 

Personally, I think the White/Grey Crewtor and the Blue Campus are cool to see. A really nice backpack that you can also carry to other occasions. The White / Gray is perhaps a bit contagious again because we like to go out and it is not always clean outside, it would not work for me, because I also take the backpack to work after the weekend, but yes then it only has to be two. One for going out and one for going to, I'm waiting for my current backpack to be replaced.

But see for yourself whether you backpacks also cool or cool.

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