GDRP continued – Cookies

After all the preparations of the GDPR legislation which at the end of may in went we had to have one of the last things in order. There was on our website a cookie bar is visible only, this had yet to be adapted to the current guidelines.

Last week, we have in collaboration with our developers to build the alterations. No annoying pop-up or a completely blocked screen before you can continue on the website but the ability for everything to fit.

We got to the top of the website and in the footer a “Manage your privacy” button. By pressing these buttons, clicking a pop-up at the bottom to the top where you make your own choices.

Bovenzijde GDPR


We have tried to indicate clearly which cookies are present and why these are used on our website. In addition, we have a number of cookies needed for the site to function properly. By right-clicking the checkmarks to clicking you can choose which cookies you do and don't want to!


We hope that we set everyone the opportunity to give to his privacy.

We have found that you enjoy surfing the web, and to quickly agree because you like the site want to see and that you later want to change something but that may not always be good to find where you now agree to do so. We hope, in this way you always have the opportunity to have everything fit what you want. With this last modification to comply we now fully comply with the GDPR legislation.

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