GDRP/AVG Assessment successfully completed!

In recent months, it is much in the news, the new privacy law. Also we as a shop had to do various adjustments. Like in one of our previous blogs to read, we had the attention of Webwinkelkeur in cooperation with Bergman Legal Consultancy. They have an assessment drawn up with which we, our methods could be checked, and if all would be well, we are a certificate would be received.

Because you have multiple parties collaborating have we exchanged with these parties to contracts so that the privacy data is protected, and again at the end to be removed. Here went some time over it and then we all turned in. Because of the incredibly busy at the consulting firm because of all the applications has the have to wait a while but last Friday, we have the assessment.

A number of questions about how we deal with customer information and a conversation about all of the processes requested. Then we had a few more adjustments and then it was finally the long-awaited certificate there. We have passed the GDRP/AVG assessment.

Now it is a matter of all keep track of, and at the right moments of the data, cleaning it up and hand it to customers when you are asked for. But according to us, should that come! We are super happy with it, and after all the work what it has been also a bit proud.

Certificaat CheapOutdoor

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