GDRP/AVG and CheapOutdoor

You hear much in the news and we are behind the scenes busy getting your privacy even better to protect/capture. On may 25 of this year, as a company, everything in order to satisfy these privacy act requirements. For many companies, a lot of additional investigations and noise everything was in order.

So we also. Behind the scenes we worked hard to get all the procedures neatly on a piece of paper to see which issues we still need to arrange and what all has been well arranged. So many years, we have to use an encrypted connection on our website via SSL. This is the data that is being persisted encrypted, and they can't just through a different be intercepted. In addition, we must well our procedures in order for as we customer questions about the data that we process. Here must therefore be considered, and this should be written down.

A lot of extra work “just in between”, but also once again good to be back, the dots on the i's. The information from the government is to our opinion very little and leaves a bit of a search, but we have a good example is found where we all can check and fill.

If we have off we have a lawyer through the lot of paperwork and if all is well, we get a certificate that we are at the GDRP meet. It is really tough fabric, and we will be glad when everything's finished and approved so we got busy with that what we stand for......Outdoor gear out with a good price/quality ratio.

But your privacy is, of course, high on our list, so next few weeks will the privacy policy change with all the new additions etc.

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