Our trip to the Arctic Circle-Part 1

Finally it was time, we were next to go on holiday. Many things were still uncertain until the last minute because of all the regulations around corona, but we had made the decision. We're going to Scandinavia this year!

On Friday the cars were picked up and made ready at home. This year we went with two cars and so with a slightly larger club than previous years. All roof tents (4 pieces in total) unfolded in front of the door and all sleeping bags and bedding in it so we could immediately use everything. That was a look at all the neighbors and people who came in and out of the street. We even had people who just came to take a picture of the two Landrover Defenders who were in the street. About Eleven was everything ready and we could go to our bed to find one last night in your own bed to sleep. Because the next day we were going to leave early.

Wonderfully early to make a long day to come straight to Sweden. This year we had chosen to take a ferry from Germany to Denmark and then drive directly to the bridge towards Sweden. Everything went smoothly, just have to wait at the boat, but if that was all. And on to Sweden. Early in the evening we were in Sweden and immediately the first night wild camping. Quickly build up and eat because there was a big rain cloud and that was good too. Slept wonderfully in the roof tents, everyone was ready to go three weeks on the road.

On to the top, towards the North Pole, the days after we have been on the road. Enjoyed all the views and the different places we passed. Beautiful castles visited. Cool locations as a wild camping spot had (Site of an old sawmill) where we met two snakes and in the morning enjoyed the view of the adjacent lake.


This year not too much stuff to test out, actually only The Walking pants from Husky who have endured themselves completely well during the three weeks. Highly recommended the Husky Keiry. And of course our Storm kit bags from Highlander who have been around for years and the shoes of Garmont (Dragontail and Pinnacle), but we have already told you how happy we are with that. And again this year these products have helped us well.

Rondje poolcirkel


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