Discover the new Highlander collection: The Nap-Pak range

Last week we had a new series of Highlander added to the shop. We had already seen this series of sleeping mats on one of our visits, but not yet added.

The Nap Suit the set consists of three inflatable sleeping mats and a pillow. If you see them you will agree with me, the quality of these sleeping mats is really very beautiful. With the green, olive green color a bit of an army tint, so you have to love that. You can also see it as a beautiful natural shade.

The sleeping mats are available with an R-value of 1.5 and 2.4. With the 1.5 values, two sleeping mats are available, where there is one with an XL size so you have a little more space on the mat. This one is just 5 cm longer and 5 cm breeder. The higher the R-value, the more the sleeping mat insulates you from the surface and thus holds back more cold.

The mats are nice and light to carry and compact so that they fit well in your backpack. Because of the balls that you see on the sleeping bags, you have stagnant air that provides extra insulation while sleeping.

And then we have the last sleeping mat that has been carried out with Primaloft with which the R value immediately rises to 2.4. This allows you to make perfect use of this sleeping mat during colder conditions. Outlook here continue to the Highlander Nap-Pak series.

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