Yes, we have! Treater: part II

Finally, the results were out. Everyone is tired of it. Corona is here, and the Corona is in there, wash your hands, and up to 1.5 meters of separation. But for now, we are able to have a little bit of progress. We will be able to a number of countries, can go to the gym, etc.). Very, very nice to all of them. However, using common sense, clean your hands and continue washing, not the hands, and up to 1.5 meters to keep an eye on it, but you can use a little bit of yourself, and not just sitting at home.

We are already planning for our summer vacation. We are going to be on the road with our trusty Land Rover, which we are in the years, we also have available for hire. At this time, only unfortunately, it's not from Scandinavia or Scotland, (which is actually planned), but we're trying to get all of geocachend in a variety of countries to do so. We will have to plan ahead and have a look what rules there are in any country, but it is going to be successful, we will also be at the campgrounds to stay at, and that you will have to get used to, but hey, better than sitting at home and not be able to go on holiday.

We are going to try to put a number of items to test, and of course the beautiful pictures to our blog to to to to fill.

Enjoy preparing for the holidays, and werkse still for a moment, in the days and weeks before!

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