Ski pants from Husky back in stock: Gilep M for men or Gilep L for women

In previous years we had ski pants in stock but never sold many of them. But now that we are working with a few large sports stores such as Decathlon and Alltricks, we have decided to put the ski pants back in the store and at first glance people are interested again so we will continue to supplement them.

Of course, we have seen the ski pants before. Husky, so the price-quality ratio of Husky is just completely good. This year, the Gilep for both women and men have taken stock. Ski pants with suspenders to make sure everything stays in place during your ski or snowboard adventure. The pants have a water column of 15,000 H2O which is completely suitable for the purpose for which the pants are made.

Furthermore, the pants are simply equipped with everything you need to be able to do your winter sports. Snowcatchers, covered zippers, adjustable suspenders, zipped side pockets etc, etc. See for yourself here and for your new ski pants.

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