Because we have to Carry sleeping bags in action

Suddenly, we were in the evening a lot of bags that are being sold in some of the orders have an 8 or 6 at a time. We only have to think about what it is that people go to with various groups in the camp, or the schools in that order. Well, yes, a sale is a sale, until one day, later in the action, Because we have to Carry a ravine. It was a short and swift action, where the number of bags, quickly reached, was that we were at the end of the action is also close to our sleeping bags for a while, but that's ok if it's for a good purpose. We have all the sleeping bags in time to be able to deliver in a few of the bags after that no more were able to dispose of it, and a couple of kinderslaapzakken that there was no need, everything is good to go has come.

We are now in our stock to supply to any subsequent action is good to be able to support it where it is needed! The foundation has indicated that there will probably be a second round of more to come.

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