Wool sweater

In CheapOutdoor to buy the best wool sweaters for outdoor. European thread has a lot of advantages compared to the use of synthetic thread, from the Far East. A woollen vest, which adjusts to your body temperature and absorbs moisture quickly. A jacket made of wool will keep you nice and warm.

Wool sweater

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Why buy a wool sweater?

A woolen sweater has many advantages over a sweater made from synthetic fabrics. Wool is a living material that adapts to your body temperature. When it's hot, moisture and body heat are absorbed by the wool sweater and taken away from your body. In cold weather, the heat is retained by the millions of microscopic light bags that are naturally found in wool. In addition to the classic woolen sweater, you can of course also choose to buy a trendy woolen cardigan or body warmer made of wool.

Wool sweater: temperature regulation at its best

Even if a woolen vest has become wet, it will still keep you warm. One of the characteristics of woolen cardigans and sweaters is that wool absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture, in addition it is more elastic than synthetic fabrics. This provides extra wearing comfort.

A nice extra of wool is that the fabric is naturally odor-resistant. In addition, wool is a breathable fabric, which contributes to the temperature control if you wear your wool cardigan. And of course not to forget, our woolen sweaters are made from 100% natural fabric from European sheep.

Buy wool sweater? You pay attention to this.

You can recognize a genuine woolen sweater or cardigan from European sheep by the price. This is often higher than a synthetic wool sweater. A real wool sweater also requires a lot of manual work, which is reflected in the quality of the sweater that is well and nicely finished. At CheapOutdoor we sell woolen cardigans and sweaters at a good price-quality ratio. In addition to wool sweaters, you can also buy merino wool sweaters and cardigans with us!

Difference between a merino wool sweater and sheep wool sweater?

Are you planning to buy a wool sweater or cardigan? Then think about a merino wool cardigan. The quality of a merino wool cardigan is even higher than that of sheep wool. A merino wool cardigan feels soft and does not itch, this is due to the higher density of the wool. A merino wool sweater is ideal as outdoor clothing and fits with an active level style, because a merino wool sweater can hold body heat extremely well without letting the body become too hot.