At CheapOutdoor you buy the best rain jacket that you against the rain to protect you. Not an old-fashioned raincoat, but a modern raincoat where everyone want to be seen. The raincoat is equipped with the latest technologies to make the jacket waterproof.


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What is a raincoat?

The rain jacket is simply a modern jacket or jacket that is waterproof and protects you against the rain. Nowadays in beautiful colors and fits that no longer seem like you don't want to be seen in it.

Raincoat: stay nice and dry in the rain

The new raincoats are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure that the raincoat is water-repellent and water-resistant.

A raincoat cannot be missed during outdoor activities. There are special compact raincoats on the market that come in a compact bag, making them easy to carry in your bag. You can therefore always wear a raincoat with you.

Both the women's coats and the men's coats have a beautiful design so that you always look good. For every moment there is an outdoor jacket, a down jacket for when it is colder or a softshell for the summer months.

With rain gear and also with tents, the water resistance is measured in the amount of water that the fabric can handle, this is expressed in a number of mm of water column. The higher the value, the more water pressure the raincoat can withstand. A good water column for a raincoat is around 5000 mm or higher, these raincoats can be used daily.