Metal detector

In CheapOutdoor you can buy the best gear for your metal detector, or for geocaching. The two hobbies, you can enjoy the sun, so you can take full advantage of the surrounding environment and the places where you are.

Metal detector

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What is a metal detector?

A metal detector is a tool for detecting metals. A very nice hobby to walk around on a field with your metal detector and a scoop to see what has been stored in the ground over the years and what you can still think of it.

Metal detector: looking for the treasure

Both searching with a metal detector as well as searching for caches with geocaching, you are busy outside. You will come to beautiful places that you would normally not visit and you will find the nicest things that you will not encounter every day.

For both hobbies you go in search of the treasure. With a metal detector you can search fields for what is beautiful and what you can find. Clean it up and see what you have found for old things.

You can play geocaching worldwide and of course you can also create and hide a cache yourself.