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Introducing: "The purpose of Dan and Joel was simple: a good-looking, high-quality, value-for-money combined with a 100% waterproof protection."

It all started on the beaches of Thailand and Australia in 2006. Two friends from the university to pull out six months, and enjoy an epic beach, boat, surf and dive vacation.

"For weeks we fought to our technology, valuables, and clothing to protect against the effects of water and sand. And finally, we saw in - what we need is a totally reliable waterproof bag, us reassures that our belongings are safe against the weather conditions, without that this bag holds us back. More than that, if this is our need was, it had also for thousands of others just like that."

Back at home, even before their tan was gone, they were engaged in the research, design, innovate and produce their first prototypes - the perfect dry bags. This resulted in the first OverBoard products.

Today, they are the leaders in waterproof bags and suitcases, with clients and distributors in more than 70 countries. "Of course, it was hard work, but there are extras. Not only do we test everything in the factory, the ultimate test is in real life situations, ideally with the sun in the face. And someone has to do it!"

... Keep it dry!

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