In CheapOutdoor you will find the best range of houtsnijmessen. A houtsnijmes, you can find yourself totally self-sufficient by creating their own spoon and bowl to make it. A fun hobby if you get a lot out of you.


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A wood carving knife is a special knife with which you can work wood. The blades have different shapes to make different utensils with. You can make your own spoon or bowl to use yourself with a wood carving knife.

Wood carving knife: woodworking for outdoor people

By processing wood and making your own utensils with a wood carving knife you feel even more connected to nature. Bushcraft people who want to be completely self-reliant can make the most beautiful spoons, cups etc with a wood carving knife.

A wood carving knife is a sharp knife that you must be careful when you start using it. But once you get the taste, you can't stop. Spoons, plates, cups and bowls, all objects that you can make with a wood carving knife and that you can use in nature.

The wood carving knives come in various forms. For example, you use a wood carving knife with a half-round blade to hollow out a bowl after you cut it with a straight knife.